The month of love…So tell me, is this love? – Xenophobia & Racism


February is often thought to be the month of love but is it not ironic that it was within this same month that Xenophobic attacks resurfaced in South Africa?
Is the love the world seems to portray only a mirage/facade?

Any person who decides to hate another individual to the extent of wanting to kill him or her either because of skin colour or the fact that he or she is a foreigner has a big problem. As a matter of fact, anyone who would want to kill someone for any reason must be checked. So it surprises me how a person can look into the eyes of another human being and stab him or her with a knife. Sadly, this is not a joke. That was the story of Emmanuel Sithole and many others (in 2015) who were either stabbed or burned to death simply because another person felt threatened by their presence with the flimsy excuse of foreigners taking over their jobs and economy. On the other hand, a 2015 study conducted by the University of Cape Town revealed that foreigners rather make major contributions to the South African economy by paying rent and providing jobs.

So tell me, is it okay to have a day/month  set aside for love yet the world is still full of hate, racism and xenophobia? Do we but kid ourselves when we decide to turn a blind eye to such issues as the world continues to move on as though the black race or the rights of foreigners are irrelevant? Are we comfortable going to church (or our various places of worship) in one moment and then turn to literally stab our neighbor in the back while walking across the street?

It is often said that the first solution to a problem is understanding the root of the problem. I have tried so hard to see through these racist and xenophobic attacks but no matter how I look at it, it just does not make any sense.

In as much as it is so hard to solve a deeply rooted problem such as this, I think it is very necessary to speak, do whatever we can to stop it and not just fold our arms because the situation may seem hopeless.

When I read about the abolishment of slavery, I thanked my stars that such a barbaric act was put to an end. Just when I thought it was all over, equally terrible crimes against humanity came along – racism and xenophobia.

By : Naa Adzoa Adzeley Boi-Dsane
Twitter : @Adzeley



Riddle Riddle : Can you guess the answer before it ends? (Cc)




Not all riddles are mind-boggling but I bet most of them are interesting because of the suspense they build. Without further ado, let’s press play –

I have no cutting edge but I could make you bleed.

Don’t confuse me with FGM (Female Genital Mutilation) because we both make sex a traumatic experience.

To those who hit the gym every new year, look no further ; I could make you lose weight drastically but remember not every weight loss is good.

Remember all those junk food you were cautioned not to eat? I mean the pizza, fried rice etc? I could prevent you from eating those by making you lose appetite but that does not guarantee good health.

In your diagnosis, don’t just label me as pedal oedema, I can do more than just excess fluid in your legs.

I can’t promise you motherhood but one thing I can make you experience is pelvic pain that is synonymous with childbirth.

Don’t think you know who I am yet by calling me osteoporosis because I break just a few bones. You would be so wrong.

When I advance, I engage in something that is called metastasis. That is when I spread out my wings because my environment is too small for me. Here, I behave like the colonial master or mistress (since I affect mostly females) ; I want to rule your body and conquer as many territories that are available. I could go to your abdomen, your lungs or anywhere I please.The longer you take to visit the hospital, the more time you give me to travel and explore.

My initials are CC (as in Carbon Copy). That was even in the title.

Still haven’t figured out who I am? Let me just save you the time so that you can have the chance to get tested after reading this. People gave me the name – “Cervical Cancer” because I am an autonomous overgrowth of cells at the cervical region of a woman’s body. In most of my adventures, I usually travel with a virus – it could be HIV or HSV. However, HPV is my closest alibi in most cases.

The following activities are termed low risk but it doesn’t mean I can’t use these as a medium to get to you – multiple pregnancies and the use of oral contraceptives.

Lest I forget, this is to the chain smokers : “I am coming for you, it won’t be long so turn off that lighter before I hang on you like a leech.” To the passive smokers, make sure you are safe before it is too late because I could increase your risk of coming into contact with me.

Call me ubiquitous; about 70% of me is found in developing countries.

Want to know how you can escape my icy hands? Well, it’s simple! Just draw closer to that Pap smear.
Don’t wait till we get to the surgical, radiotherapy or chemotherapy stage. By then, a Pap smear can’t help you.

By : Naa Adzoa Adzeley Boi-Dsane
Twitter – @Adzeley