When I was a little girl, I wish they’d told me…

IMG_20170623_163723When I was a little girl
The first television I knew was black and white
While in school, they impressed upon us that black was the opposite of white
Black for mourning
White for rejoicing
Black for darkness
White for brightness
Black for bad deeds
White for the good ones
The devil was black in every single play
Jesus was portrayed in white as I watched in disdain
Engraving in our memories
That our black sins should be washed away
So that our white garments could be on display
Well, as I got wind of colour television
I got to see the rainbow
Tasted variety
Only Physics was generous enough to teach me that
While white isn’t just one colour
Black may not always be a colour
And rainbows don’t always appear in the sky
I wish they’d told me that not everything was black and white


When I was a little girl
Head, shoulders, knees and toes
Regarding anatomy, we thought we were so close
Not that we knew what it was anyway
With simple algebra we were blown away
That kind of math paved a way
It was the foundation that brought us all the way
Just so we are clear
It’s the sole reason why we are here
But back then it was just too much for some to bear
I wish they’d told us it wasn’t that simple
That someday we would need to explain more than a skin dimple

When I was a little girl
I thought mum and dad knew everything
So I would ask them anything
Satisfied with most of their responses
I was never really scared
Because they promised to always be there
One day I came home with many questions
Hoping to get some answers
For hours, I sat on the couch
Tired of waiting, I decided to search the house
No indication of Mummy and Daddy
They never returned
Now I wish someone had all the answers
My days became less bright
I guess mum and dad weren’t always right
I wish someone told me that it was okay to be scared
because they wouldn’t always be there

When I was a little girl,
A teacher once told us to take note:
“Majority always carries the vote”
Majority of the movies I watched
Had similar themes
“Good always triumphs over evil” it screams
Well, in theatre majority live for the applause
A few do it for a good cause
Our real lives depict otherwise
The world is full of good and bad
Being unscrupulous appears to be wise
Yet we must learn to accept that no matter how many times we pray
Sometimes the wicked may get away
I wish they’d told me that sometimes the bad get rewarded and poetic justice isn’t always awarded
This hard truth I wished to be told when I was just a little girl.

By : Naa Adzoa Adzeley Boi-Dsane


4 thoughts on “When I was a little girl, I wish they’d told me…

  1. Such a Masterful piece concerning the Realities of Life.
    May you always stay Focused and Bless my Dear Adzoa and sheerly the Skies will be your limit.

    Liked by 1 person

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