Too much or just enough?

Up and down he runs on tarred road
In the deep dark night so cold
But stops to wonder what if he grows old?
Would his athletic story still be told?
Or would his memory be in a museum as mere stone?
He starts to wonder
Is it too much or just enough ?

Swamped by a sea of knowledge
Here is the girl who thought she would never make it to college
Those finals are drawing near
Yet the concepts still remain unclear
Her countless efforts only just mere ?
She begins to shed a tear
And wonders
Is it too much or just enough ?

Consulting room it is
Everyday it’s a different kind of disease
Rare or not we’ve got to care
It’s an emergency but what if it is not treated with such urgency ?
Dangerous disease it is
A malignancy with a 5% survival tendency
Treatment of choice is a 50-50 chance
Do we give the drug
Or fold our arms in wait for death’s deadly drag ?
How sure are we that this dose is just enough to cure
Given that the therapeutic window is too narrow to endure?
Is it too much or just enough ?

Does he have the courage to propose marriage?
Or is he like the other guys who hate commitments and ties?
One brawl to the next
Is it a test?
Some say arguments are healthy
Am I in it because it’s true
Or did I stay just because he is wealthy?
Is this love going to last
Will it fade some time past?
Do you think they’ve had enough?
Is it too much or just enough?

Hitting those high notes
Very soon, there would be no voice to recite any quotes
How long would my vocal cords remain patent
Is it a tangible dream or something so latent?
Am I doing too much or just enough ?

So many cooks
Yet they try to keep the broth intact
It doesn’t matter how it looks
If the taste isn’t as good as its cooks
More sugar, more spice
Would it taste as nice?
But who knows?
When the cock crows
And the dish is served
Does it matter how it looks
Or the number of good cooks?
Which one’s the best anyway?
In this sauce of life
We find ourselves in daily strife
Regarding the decision of whether it is too much or just enough.


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