Let’s erase those lines


Beautiful continent it is
Beautiful people we are
I am black and proud
But what do our skin lightening creams say
when no one is around?
Deep down within ourselves
The leaf of a waging war rustles
Against our flesh and blood  we fight
This night our eyes shall open
This is just a token
To hear the mystery of the untold

2. Don’t get me wrong
Just as I would like to see my black brother succeed
I wouldn’t  like to see my white brother recede
A line is a connection of two points
Where lies my point if I decide to indulge in racial discrimination?

3. We see it as imperative
To sit by the fireside
To hear that doomsday narrative
Let me take you back in time
Those were the days
When Africa sat in the den of hope
Little did she know her death- warrant had just been signed
And put in a folder entitled :
“The Scramble for Africa “.

4. If you ask me,
we are simply being sidelined
We have to start telling our own story
Else someone will make us history.
This is not a futile attempt of illumination
Here is a simple solution
It all begins with our resolution
So erase those mental lines of colonialism
Embrace your Africanness
Emancipate yourself from mental slavery
Don’t say the issue is non – existent
Because, I tell you –
Slavery is still very much alive


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