My name is Tax!


Hello everyone!

My name is Tax

I don’t owe anyone

Yet people enslave me

I am patient

But people continue to play hide and seek with me

That infuriates me

I am ignored by the rich

While they go about making money

Business tycoons try to evade me

Celebrities and criminals snub me

Even the poor run away from me

But while they make their money

I sit here busily scheming

Cooking up a plan of revenge

Giving them ample time to repent

But they never do

The thieves continue stealing

When they get caught

Those liars claim it’s their debut

It infuriates me

Because my demands are payable

One day,

I sent my friend ,Mr.Nemesis,

He surely caught up with them

Mr.Justice put them behind bars

Mr.Cell advised them never to cheat

They begged for Mercy

But instead encountered Mr.Scott

who never set them free

till Mr.Cedi visited me.


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