Gone are the days

When the church

Used to be a place of refuge.

A place to be set free;

A home where the poor could seek help.

The tables have turned.

The church is now a money-making enterprise.

The significance of the cross has been forgotten.

Like a time bomb, everybody is waiting to explode.

No one is really ready to bell the cat.

Sermons are now missiles ready to hit the culprit.

Money is now the issue. 

The church is no longer a refuge. 

It has become a haven of immorality with a sense of immortality.

Lies are now said to be true

and the truth said to be lies.

The world has become churchy,

the church – so worldly.

No place is safe. 

The only place left is the cross.


22 thoughts on “THE CROSS

  1. The Cross! Say it time and again..”Sermons are now missiles ready to hit the culprit.” Mercy! Where is the gospel of grace? #Selah


  2. Hehehe. Just joyful at the sound of those words of grace in my ears. 🙂 I’ll be watching out for more. Grace unto you. God bless you, Adzeley. Thumbs up, girl.


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